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Meet Graham Strong

One of the most common questions I get is, What does a ghostwriter do? Here’s the easy answer:

The old adage is that everyone has a book inside of them. The trick, of course, is to get it out. That’s where I can help.

Yes, strong writing is a given. But a good ghostwriter also needs to be a great listener, taking in the nuances of your story along with your writing “voice” and style. In many cases, my clients aren’t even sure what their story actually is. Part of my job is to tease out the threads of your story and weave them together into a compelling page-turner.

A good ghostwriter also needs:

  • strong organizational skills to write your book from start to finish
  • the ability to work closely – and effectively – with you
  • the ability to put ego aside while working on your project

These are all skills I’ve developed during my professional writing career. Since 1995, I have provided clients with outstanding marketing writing including ghostwriting for literally thousands of different projects: ghostwritten articles, annual report messages, speeches, web content from the company or organization, advertising content, blog posts, brochure content, business letters, whitepapers, and more.

My job is to help you become the best author possible.

Graham Strong - Professional Ghostwriter

Story + Teller

Together, we can write
your incredible story.

I Help You Tell Your Story, and Tell It Well.

Ghostwriting is a partnership between the author (you) and the writer (me). In some ways, working with me is the same as hiring a skilled contractor to renovate your kitchen or a commissioning a professional photographer to take your headshot. You have a vision of how you would like to present yourself. You just need help bringing that vision to life. In this case, I bring your words to life.

Each project is different of course, but most fall into one of the four following categories (click on the icons to learn more):

  • The Personal Interview

    This is the most common approach to ghostwriting. You and I will have a number of phone meetings or face-to-face meetings (depending on your preference) to discuss your book, what you want to accomplish, who you think your audience might be, and of course to allow you to pass your story on to me.

  • The Complete Rewrite

    Perhaps you already have ideas and stories written down, and you just need help rewriting them and organizing them into book form. I can take all these ideas and snippets and bring them altogether. If you have written some but not all of your stories, we can work on those as well through interviews, bullet points, or other ways.

  • The “Book from Scratch”

    Sometimes, authors have nothing but an idea and a dream. I can write a whole book for you based on research from your existing writings or other sources, putting together an outline and then the completed chapters. This requires the least amount of input from you, but usually requires some meetings to get your ideas and voice.

  • The Work in Progress

    Does your project not quite fit into any of these three methods? Maybe you have some ideas written, some research already done, some recordings, some thoughts still floating in your head even, but everything is all over the place. I can help there too, bringing together your ideas and work to date, and organizing them all into one cohesive book.

The Ghostwriting Process

The ghostwriting process is similar for most book projects:

  1. After one or several meetings (as needed), I’ll put together an outline, chapter list, and project timeline, and submit to you for approval. We will also discuss how you will get the information to me: through personal interviews, written or multimedia materials you already have, my own research, or some combination.
  2. I’ll write a sample chapter to ensure your voice and personality is coming through, and that the story is accurate and progressing the way you like.
  3. Once we are sure we are on the right path, I’ll continue on with the remaining chapters, submitting them to you for review as they are ready.
  4. Finally, I’ll do a last review of the book as a whole and send you the completed manuscript.

Of course, every project is different and yours may have different requirements. Why don’t we talk about the specifics of your project so you know exactly what’s involved? Simply contact me to set up a (free) initial phone meeting. I’ll answer your questions, and we’ll be able to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

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